This research is an experimental intervention into the nostalgic narrative of one man who came to Denmark as a refugee from Ethiopia, drawing on the potential power of photography and "photo-elicitation." During our meeting, I asked him to bring his favourite family photographs and describe about his memories and stories related to them. My intention for this form of research is to utilise the visual materials to allow him to unearth various fragments scattered in his memory and generate further narratives about himself, his family and his intimate friends. 
『ノスタルジアを辿る(原題:Trace the Nostalgia)』は、映像人類学におけるPhoto Elicitationと呼ばれる調査手法を用いた実験的なプロジェクトである。戦争難民としてデンマークにやってきたエチオピア男性の記憶を、彼が大切に保管している家族写真をもとに引き出していく。
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Research, Camera, and Editing: Masato Ushimaru (MSc in Anthropology, Aarhus University)

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